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FLEXI: mix for decorating (flexible icing)

FLEXI: mix for decorating (flexible icing)

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FLEXI is suitable for making lace decorations that can be used on cream and mastic cakes. The lace behaves perfectly on gingerbread and mirror icing.

Advantages of use:

- it takes 7 minutes to prepare, can be colored with any water-soluble dye, and can be dried both in the oven and at room temperature
- cost-effectiveness: 20-30 g of the mixture allows you to create lace for a cake with a diameter of 22 cm
- flexibility: lace is easy to cut, glue and form unique decorative elements such as flowers or laces
- the finished mixture can be stored in a tightly closed container for 3 days. Dried lace can be restored by holding it over steam for a few seconds.

Organoleptic properties and appearance: white mixture, fine fraction.
The taste is sweet and sour. The mixture has no pronounced odor.

60 grams of dry mixture to 88 ml of water.

add water at 90-95 °C to the dry mixture and mix thoroughly. To be painted with
if necessary, with a water-soluble dye. Let it brew for 20-30 minutes until it gels completely, without stirring.

The mass should cool completely and stabilize. Spread the diluted mixture over the entire surface of the silicone mold, remove the excess with a spatula or knife, and dry. After baking, remove the mat and turn the lace upside down, let cool and use a knife or toothpick to help the lace out of the mold.

Dry at:
50°C - 45-60 minutes, 80°C - 20-25 minutes, 100°C - 10-15 minutes, with the "convection" mode, the time is reduced. You need to adjust to your oven.

Ingredients: powdered sugar, pectin (E 440), corn starch, citric acid, titanium dioxide.

Application: add water at 90-95°C to the dry mixture, mix thoroughly and let stand for 20-30 minutes. After stabilization, apply the mixture to the mold and dry.

Shelf life: 12 months. Store in a dry place at a temperature between -15°C and +20°C.

Packaging: metallized bags of 200 and 500 g.


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