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GELATIN - beef gelatin. Has a HALAL certificate

GELATIN - beef gelatin. Has a HALAL certificate

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GELATIN is a beef gelling agent with a high gelling property. It is used to stabilize all kinds of liquids, from fruit juices to milk jellies and meat and fish dishes in cooking.

gel strength 240 bloom. Light beige color with neutral taste and smell.
HALAL Certificate - gelatin meets HALAL standards.
Ingredients: beef gelatin.

Proportions: 1 part of gelatin is soaked in 5 parts of cold water (a ratio of 1 to 6 can be used). It is possible to vary the density of the gel according to your needs by increasing or decreasing the amount of gelatin to the total weight.

mix 1 part of gelatin with 5 (6) parts of cold water, stir and wait until the water is completely absorbed. Add the gelatinous mass to a hot liquid up to 80 degrees and stir. You can also melt the gelatinous mass in a microwave oven with pulses or in a water bath and add it to the warm liquid. During the cooling of the total mass, gelation occurs.

Storage conditions:
store the dry mixture at a temperature not higher than +20 C and not lower than -15 C and relative humidity not more than 75%. The opened packet must be tightly closed to prevent oxygen from entering.

Energy value:
100 g of the product contains: proteins: 82.7; Fats: 0.4; Carbohydrates: 0,7. Kcal 300; kJ 1256

Packaging: 100 g transparent film bags.

EXPIRATION DATE: 24 months from the date of production
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