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PECTIN NH - thermo-reversible pectin for thickening fruit and berry fillings

PECTIN NH - thermo-reversible pectin for thickening fruit and berry fillings

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PECTIN NH is a thermo-reversible gelling agent. It is used to thicken fruit and berry fillings in mousse cakes, pasta, body candies, motti. For making marmalade, neutral gel, glaze and sauces in cooking. It is perfectly resistant to freezing and does not release water during thawing, which means that the filling will not leak.

- Pectin NH works with fruit and berry purees with a PH of 3.2 - 3.5;
- it retains liquid in puree with 80% water. Therefore, the filling in the cake will not "give up" water even after defrosting;
- thermo-reversible. When heated, it melts without lumps, and when cooled, it gels again. At the same time, the filling does not lose density;
- requires three times less sugar than yellow pectin;
- does not change the taste of the product, as it has a neutral flavor;
- economical. For 100 grams of puree, 1-2 grams of Pectin NH is required.

1-2 g of Pectin NH + 5-10 g of fine sugar or powdered sugar + 100 g of mashed potatoes (liquid).
You can control the degree of density of the mass based on the recommended dosage.

Mix 1 part of Pectin NH with 5 parts of sugar or powdered sugar. Pour into a liquid heated to 40 degrees, stirring constantly with a whisk. Bring to a boil and boil for 1-2 minutes. Pour into a mold, cool or freeze.

INGREDIENTS: pectin (e440), acidity regulator e341, acidity regulator e450, fructose.

a mixture of light beige color, fine fraction. The taste is sour, has a slightly pronounced sour odor.

24 months from the date of production. Store the dry mixture at a temperature not higher than +20°C and not lower than -15°C, relative humidity not more than 75%. Close the opened package tightly to prevent oxygen from entering.

In 100 g of product: : proteins: 0.0; fats: 0.0; carbohydrates: 64.3

Energy value: Kcal/kJ - 243.2/1017.55


25g, 50g, 100g transparent film bags, 100g jar, metallized zip-top bag - 1000 g. 

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